Thursday, June 3, 2010

Best in the West Wrap Up

So much cool stuff happened at last weekend's Best in the West Classic, I'm not sure where to start. First of all there was the weather. In one of the rainiest Mays in recent history, we had 36 hours of dry weather, while it rained all around us, it never rained on the track until the final race Sunday, when it began to sprinkle ever so slightly. Thanks Weather Gods!

We had large field of racers from as far north as Stanwood Washington and as far south as Tuolumne California. The first Masters field of the season also took to the track. It was great to see the sleek master cars back.

The BBQ on Saturday evening was delayed due to a faulty grill but the crew improvised and fed a group of hungry and tired racers and families.

On Sunday former Salem Champ (1976) and founder of our Legacy Sponorship Program Robert Mossbrucker Jr. stopped by to cheer for the Legacy racers, Anna and Faith. Mr. Mossbrucker brought his Dad, Robert Mossbrucker Sr. with him. Robert Sr. raced in the original Salem Soap Box Derby back in 1952, and wearing his original helmet he challenged his son to an oil can race. You can probably guess who won, but let's just say that Jr. may be a former Champ, but he still needs to go faster to catch up with his Dad.

Robert Mossbrucker Sr.
Robert Mossbrucker Jr.

Oh, and then there was Larry. Larry the Cable Guy came to the Salem track to film a episode for his upcoming History Channel show, tentatively titled "Only in America". In addition to keeping the whole crowd in stitches of laughter, Larry got involved in every aspect of the race, from helping out pit crews, starting, announcing, and racing a oil can car. Larry should have known he didn't stand a chance against Hannah Welzbacker's Watermelon Car. But the kids showed him all day long that being a good sport is more important than winning and at the end of the day Larry was awarded a special Sportsmanship medal.

Larry and Jared preparing the change a brake pad

Larry kisses Jill's "Kiss This" sticker

Larry shows himself to be a good sport after being defeated by Hannah

Then there was actual racing, the final AA Rally of the 2010 season from Region One, helping decide who will represent the Northwest region in Akron as Rally Champs this July. Congrats to Saturday's winners, Isaac Naschke, Edward Hodge and Maddie Quinn, as well as Sunday's winners Aubrey McClaran, Tucker McClaran and Betsy Smith. Complete race results are available on the SSBDA website here:

A big thanks to all who worked hard to make the 15th Annual Best in the West Classic a spectacular success. And Thanks to all the racers who traveled, across the west coast or just across town, to make the race exciting and fun for all.

Next up, the 59th Annual Salem Soap Box Derby Local Championship, June 13th.