Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Opener Results

What an awesome turnout and 2 great days of racing! Many thanks to everyone who came to race this weekend, especially to all of our new racers as well as folks who came down from Washington, up from Eugene and over the mountains from Bend. On Saturday we had a total of 24 racers, 13 Stock (7 - 1st time racers); 9 Super Stock (1 - 1st time racer); & 2 masters. Great weather and great racing with a number of new racers trophying.

We could not put the races on without the help of many volunteers who pitch in and we'd like to thank all of you. Special thanks to Roger Porter for lifting cars and helping out all weekend.

Congratulations to the Sportsmanship Award Winners, Lisa Cooper and Aubrey McClaran for showing what it's really all about. The youth reps had an especially hard time selecting the Sportsmanship awards for the weekend cause so many of you did such a great job. Special recognition goes to Cameron Reinhart for all his help lifting cars at the bottom.

Great job everyone, hope to see you all back in 3 weeks for the first Spring AA Rally.

Race Results as follows:

03/20/10 Stock:

1st-Aubrey McClaran

2nd-Alan Schwabauer

3rd-Kit Ellsworth

4th- Kristina Groome

5th-Jarritt Youngers

6th-Alex Kennedy

7th-Chase Groome

8th-Mikayla Sadler

Super Stock:

1st-Tucker McClaran

2nd- Cullen Tucker

3rd- Edward Hodge

4th - Paige Gear

5th-Lisa Cooper

6th - Kyle Baker

7th- Maj Wehrmeister

8th- Brittnea Lawhorn

Masters Division:

1st-Cameron Reinhart

2nd-Aidan King

3/21/10-Stock Division:

1st-Aubrey McClaran

2nd-MiKayla Sadler

3rd-Kallan Wehrmeister


5th-Dawson Hunt

6th-Kit Ellsworth

7th-Tajha Dawso;

8th Devin Hunt

Super Stock Division:

1st-Paige Gear

2nd-Tucker McClaran

3rd-Edward Hodge

4th-Cullen Tucker

5th-Maj Wehrmeister

6th-Lisa Cooper

7th-Brittnea Lawhorn

Masters Division:

1st-Cameron Reinhart

2nd-Aidan King