Thursday, April 15, 2010

AAA Rally Race Results

Thanks to everyone who came and raced and especially to everyone who helped out. We had great weather and really fun time. Here's the results:

Saturday April 10, 2010

Stock Division:

1st Cullen Tucker,

2nd Aubrey McClaran,

3rd Chase Groome,

4th Tajha Goodwin,

5th Alex Lemke,

6th Jarritt Youngers,

7th Anna Kreidel,

8th Kit Ellsworth

Super Stock Division:

1st Tucker McClaran,

2nd Ryan Wixson,

3rd Edward Hodge,

4th Maj Wehrmeister,

5th Hannah Welzbacker,

6th Andrew Tufts,

7th Josh Monette,

8th Brittnea Lawhorn

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stock Division :

1st Cullen Tucker,

2nd Aubrey McClaran,

3rd Sierra Smith,

4th Mikayla Sadler,

5th Alex Lemke,

6th Tajha Goodwin,

7th Kit Ellsworth,

8th Jarritt Youngers

Super Stock Division:

1st Edward Hodge,

2nd Ryan Wixson,

3rd Hannah Welzbacker,

4th Tucker McClaran,

5th Josh Monette,

6th Brittnea Lawhorn,

7th Maj Wehrmeister,

8th Andrew Tufts

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